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Condominium Management Standards Council

BEGINNING WITH the fall issue of CM magazine we will include updates on ACMO 2000 certifications awarded to companies that have successfully completed the certification process as well as the required compliance audits that have been completed by ACMO 2000 companies. The Condominium Management Standards Council administers the ACMO 2000 program. Its members include Chris Jaglowitz, chair, Hitesh Doshi, vice-chair and members Chris Antipas RCM, ACCl, Stephen Chesney CA, Ernie Nyitrai, Bill Thompson RCM, ACCl and Saul York. The independent auditor of the ACMO 2000 program is BSI Management Systems Canada Inc.

ACMO 2000 is a certification program that promotes superior quality management service within a framework of standardized operational processes.

January 2013 - July 2013

Initial Certification Awarded

  • Connium Management Inc.
  • Duka Property Management
  • The Enfield Group
  • Goldview Property Management Ltd.
  • ICON Property Management
  • Nadlan-Harris Property Management Inc.

Compliance Audit Completed

  • Atrens Management Group Inc.
  • Daniels Corporation
  • Larlyn Property Management
  • M.E Property Management Ltd.
  • Pal/Max Property Management
  • Taft Management Inc.
  • AG - The Active Group

Certification Revoked

  • Samuel Property Management Ltd.

From left to right: Chris Jaglowitz, Pat Addeo(Taft Management Inc, Vaishali Taylor, Taft Management Inc.)

Taft Management Inc. successfully completed ACMO 2000 Compliance.

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